I just stumbled across this list in one of my old notebooks from circa 2005. I think many of these were SAT related or were gathered around that time. My plan was to just memorize some sophisticated sounding words and integrate them into my essays because the reader would see it and assume I was intelligent.

The truth is that those readers are teachers and other people who only have a minute or two to devote to scoring they essay. They are doing hundreds and there is no way they have time to really go in depth with the grading. I ended up doing pretty well, and I’m pretty sure it was mostly due to these.

Cogent: forceful



boon and bane – (for comparing and contrasting)




transitory-short term

unequivical – abolsute

due dilligence

diametrically transposed


germane- relevant

egregious – outlandish

obstreperous – out of control

endemic – native

sedulous – dilligent

fortutious – lucky accident

pecuniary – relating to money

inculcate – instill

aquiese – consent/comply

dogmatic – inflexible

opulent – wealthy

abstruse – difficult to understand

erudite – scholar

taciturn – untalkitive

cupidity – greed

wanton – reckless

inimical – opposed to

proclivity – predisposition

state / affirm / content / establish / according/ hence / futhermore