I don’t really think Facebook has much to worry about, I actually see a future where people are involved in more than even two social networks. But the idea here is that teens, who are good indicators of what is hot, are much more likely to take a “Like” as an indictator of their personal brand, whereas older people might just click like with less emphasis. 


Teenagers Will, Like, Totally Abandon Facebook for Google+

Will Teens Abandon Facebook for Google+? Teenagers aren’t thrilled about the changes on Facebook and 25% said they would be using Google+ more often. In fact, teens say that Google+ is actually more social than Facebook, which is trying to become more news-oriented. Teens really disliked the news ticker, calling it a “scrolling stalker” that just felt like a distraction. They tended to worry that the ticker showed them information that they weren’t supposed to be seeing, or that “is not theirs to see.” And that’s one feature that Google+ has no plans to build. Wait, Teens Love Facebook’s Timeline? While adults had mixed responses to Facebook’s Timeline, the group of teens surveyed who had obtained early access to it said they loved it. In fact, it’s one of the few new Facebook features that they enjoy – 27% of teens in this study said Timeline was their all-time favorite feature. Teenagers, Like, Really Take “Likes” Seriously SRSLY, while the acting of “liking” something may not mean much for a brand on Facebook, it’s really important to teenagers. A total of 57% of teens see “like” as a reflection of their very own personal brand, while 37% describe “like” as an endorsement to their friends (like a high-five approval, say). When it comes to brands, only 39% see this as a way to tell brands they’d like to receive updates from them, which is a trend we’ve reported on before. For teens, it’s clear that “liking” is mostly something they do amongst friends, though 56% of teens say they’ve “liked” a brand after seeing a friend do the same on the news ticker.