I guess it’s not that hard to believe, but three quarters kids aged 12-17 have cell phones. I can only imagine what it is like being a kid now, because phones were so different when I was younger, they actually had buttons and visible antennae.  I also remember when minutes for talking on the phone were precious and you would have to wait until Night and Weekends started because they were free. Sometimes this meant hanging up and calling the person back if it had just gone into effect. Then there was the first bill I ever got with $100 worth of texting. This was before there was unlimited plans, and I had met a girl who loved to text and we went back and fourth very frequently. These days though, communicating primarily through text messages is the the norm.

I wonder how this effects our communication skills and the development of the younger generations. Kids were  sending over 3000 text messages a month when this survey was taken in 2010, I can only imagine what it is like now. For a time text messaging was difficult to do on many phones and people were not aware of their inboxes. Now it’s easy and ubiquitous and almost every age group does it. When I speak with older peopler, I always ask if they text because I want to know for my business. Many of them tell me that of course they text, and it is the best way to communicate with their children etc. My theory and something I bet my business on is that texting still has a lot of growth. Maybe not much more for the teenagers, but for everyone else. So when everyone is texting like the teens, I’ll know that my time has arrived.

Many teens send 100-plus texts a day, survey says – CNN

Three-quarters of 12- to 17-year-olds own cell phones, up from 45 percent in 2004