This app is pretty cool and will track when you arrive at a location and when you leave. Originally designed for contractors and freelancers as a way to guage their hours spent at a clients location, the app can also be used for logging how long you’ve been at the gym or any other place you might want to log. It uses the same technology of Apple’s new reminder app to get this done, and even though it is kind of creepy, this could prove useful. I wonder how long until foursqaure can automatically check you in to locations, or automatically ask you if you’d like to check in. 

OnSite Time Tracker

OnSite Time Tracker Automatically track your time at a location. Easy Time Tracking Features OnSite Time Tracker automatically tracks your time spent at locations you specify.  As you arrive and depart OnSite will record the time and notify you.  It uses the same technology as the new Apple reminder app. It is ideal for contractors, designers and other professionals that need to track their time spent onsite at a location.  It can be used to track your time at the gym or as a general purpose time management tool or many other purposes.   OnSite Time Tracker makes tracking your time simple.