Read below about how Sierra-Online, a videogame distributor got started. Ken realized that there were a lot of games being programmed and a lot of new software stores opening around the country, but that there was nothing linking them. He then began buying up games and selling them to stores in bulk. He pretty much went on to dominate the industry for a good amount of time. It’s a pretty good read, and while a little on the nerdier side, it describes how an entrepreneur seized an opportunity and built a profitable and successful business.

» Sierra-Online Systems Is Born

Chalk it up also as another example of Ken’s savvy. Other than Bill Gates, I don’t know of another figure in the early PC world who combined such technical acumen with such an instinct for business. His influence is made all the more remarkable when one considers what a late starter he was in comparison to his peers, not getting into the game as he did until 1980. And believe me, there’s more significant stuff that Ken’s fingerprints are all over… we just haven’t gotten there yet.