And you thought you had your post college year bad. These people live in buildings in Bejiing that house 40-60 people per toilet. These are the college graduates and prized children, the ones the whole family is riding on. A lot of these people lost their jobs during the 2008 Financial Crisis. The down economoy has butterfly effects like this all over the world. By absolving the world of it’s prosperty the lives of those at the bottom felt the biggest impact. I remember the times of 2007 when things we’re “good,” everyone was buying things and making money, we need good times like that, except not a bubble propigated on false dealings.

Regardless of our problems, they seem miniscule compared to the struggles of these people…


Lian described a Lunar New Year dinner he spent with the graduates: “At first, everyone was in a festive mood; we made dumplings and cooked many dishes … but then when it turned late and the bustle outside quieted down, completely unexpectedly, all of these boys and girls just huddled together, crying. At this very special occasion, there was no reason to hide their homesickness and frustrations any more,” he recalled. Deng Kun, a 24-year-old college graduate, is an “ant” featured in the book. After graduating from his university in Yunnan province, he came to Beijing and once lived in Tangjialing for about half a year and is now thinking about coming back due to the low cost of living there. Despite many setbacks over the past two years, he is still hopeful. “I don’t really care what hardships I have to go through, as long as I persist with my goal and continue to pursue a better life with an active attitude and a strong mind, I am sure I could succeed in the end. In this regard, we are indeed like ants.”


China’s Graduates: An Ant’s Life – China Real Time Report – WSJ