Fingers freezing as I try and get the lock on, as if your mind is working and you can remember the numbers. It’s 40 degrees and I’ve just biked from my developers place to my AirBNB rent.My ears hurt from the temperature differnece and exercise, my legs physiclly shaking and I”m not sure if it’s from shiverring or from being famished. My week he is up and I am not sure if the project is completed or not. The developer literally gave up not but 5 hours ago. I got hiim back on track, lowered the project requirements and asked him to just give me something, anything I could work with. I need a product to sell and something to show for my time. Being unable to code, makes me so angry. I wish I at least had more of an undrestanding that I could read someone’s code and know if it was good or not, if I had been wasting my time or not. Not being able to code has cost me lots of money and lots of time, but i constantly ask myself if I were a developer or spent the time learning how to develop, would I lose out my advantage in the other areas? I’ve been to conferences and the people there have all the programming skills in the world but no clue how to monetize or productize their skill into a viable and profitable product. That requires an architect. I guess I am an architect but I am stll learning. I guess i was ablet o come up with 90% of the stuff that needed to be done, but since I don’t think in coding modules it can be difficult to translate the last steps. I don’t know if i am blaming myself or my devleoper, or what, but basically this project scope seems like it is beyond the fluency of my developer.