sam friend music video part of the show

It was a couple of years ago over winter break when my brother asked me if I wanted to be in a music video. I had nothing else planned for the day so I said why not and headed to a downtown Miami condo. When we got there, they were in the middle of filming a scene of a party, everything was normal except for the fact that everyone was wearing dinosaur heads. I was not sure what exactly I had gotten myself in, or how this part of the video correlated to what we were doing, but I just went with the flow.

The theme of the the video is someone flipping through random channels and so there wasn’t exactly a set script. We ended up just going downstairs and around the corner in front of a college. After brain storming a few ideas, across the courtyard we ¬†caught a glimpse of a woman in high heels and a bright blue dress. We needed something to spice up our scene and so I was tasked with trying to recruit her.

I ended up catching up with her (she was dropping off a paper), and then asked her if she wanted to be in our video. I never asked why she was so dressed up, but it worked out perfectly for us. We then came up with a plot that involved her strutting towards us, and us just ignoring her, which we did. She had a really good strut and added the perfect touch to our scene.

The process of shooting music video is interesting because the artist is not actually singing the song in the video, they are just mouthing the words or singing lightly, to later be dubbed over. In our recording of the video, we had someone hold a laptop that was blasting the song,walk with us as we went, so that Sam could sync himself at exactly the right pace.

After we did a few takes and were sure we had some good quality footage, a light rain began to fall and we walked off into the distance for the end of our scene. It was a fun day, and one of those ones that wasn’t too crazy, but definitely a memory I made that I won’t forget.

Check out the video below, it will play right from the scene that my brother and I guest-star in. You can check out the rest of Sam’s music (which is really good btw), at ¬†