Many times after exercising I want protein, but to not want to mix it with a drink with fat or sugar. In this case water would be the logical choice to use, but most protein powder tastes horrible. To solve this problem, I spent many hours researching which protein powders mixed well with water, not just the flavor but if they are actually able to dissolve in a small amount of water. There are countless threads across the various bodybuilding forums, and in there I came across the protein I would end up choosing called, Genepro.

After digging further into the research, I came across many recommendations from patients who had just undergone bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery). The reason they recommend it is because not only does it mix well with water, but because it uses a smaller molecule protein you only need a tablespoon of it. Musclegen Research claims that one tablespoon of the Genepro protein powder is equivalent to a big 32 gram scoop of a regular protein powder. I am not sure if it entirely accurate, but so far in my usage it seems to be a legit protein powder.


Here is a note from the owner responding to a forum thread on what makes their protein special:

“What makes Genepro so unique is that we are able to reduce the protein molecule to half the size of normal protein through a process called Electrophoresis. This is a reverse electrical polarity method of extracting pure protein. In essence we take protein molecules that, for reference, are the size of a baseball. We push these baseball sized protein molecules through a Polyacrylamide gel (the gel stays below 87 degrees F) and introduce electricity through the gel. This process removes hydrogen ions, allergens and any fillers or binders so we are able to then bind the protein with a strand of six amino acids called a Hexapeptide which stabilizes the molecular structure. This hexapeptide increases shelf life of the protein as well as balancing the bitter taste that is present with the protein after electrophoresis and actually gives the protein a slightly sweet undertone. The protein is pushed through a filtration system and into a centrifuge which results in a pure protein molecule that is now the size of a golf ball (for reference). You may not be able to fit 30 baseballs into a shoe box but you can fit 30 golf balls. Thus giving us the ability to get 30grams of protein in a 1TBS serving size. This process also changes the caloritic count as well to 3.2 calories per gram of protein. The process as well at the hexapeptide are patent pending and have never been used before in nutrition (it’s a genetic process that is used primarily in forensic science). The other interesting fact is that most protein supplements digest in the lower GI and whey is absorbed at only 31% so if you’re “taking” 30g of whey, your body is only taking in 9g. Genepro is digested in the upper GI which eliminates gluten, lactose and bowel sensitivity and absorbs at a rate of 94% which makes it 3 times more effective than any other protein on the planet (medical or open market). Flavorless and odorless and can be mixed instantly in any food or beverage (hot or cold) without changing the taste or consistency.”

And in a later post he summarizes

“It is much superior than any other protein because of two reasons. 1) the absorption rate. Genepro absorbs by 94% whereas the highest rated is 31%. This makes Genepro 3 times more effective than any other protein on the market at feeding your muscles. Think about your normal 30g scoop of whey, with an absorption rate of 31%, you’re only getting 9g of protein into your body. 1 TBSP of Genepro = 27g of protein that is actually going into your muscle cells (at the 94% absorption rate). 2) because of the fine molecular density of Genepro it absorbs in the upper GI tract, rather than the lower which eliminates all the bloat, discomfort, gas a a bowel issues (this is why most people feel their appetite is suppressed)”

I’m sure that some will try and dispute his science, but I have been using it for a comple of months and have seen results on par with protein powder, except I am able to consume it much more easily and quickly so I am taking it more often. So if you are looking for a protein with little to no flavor to mix in water, you can check it out. Musclegen Research’ Genepro is sold on Amazon.