I purchased the above video from a guy in England that I have never met. I found him on a website that is a favorite of mine, Fiverr. Fiverr is a marketplace where people post jobs they are willing to do for $5. The Gig I chose, is aptly titled “I will shout anything you want loudly, in a public bus for $5.”

I ordered this video for a girl I was courting at the time (it worked), and while I never thought I would ever end up outsourcing something like flirting, the truth is you can outsource almost anything these days. With the availability of a market place like Fiverr or oDesk, and some creativity, I was able to outsource the boldness that it takes to stand up on a bus and yell:

“Hailey MacArthur is the most beautiful girl in the world and men would do much more than yell loudly on a bus to even have a slight chance at getting with her.”

If I can outsource something as intangible as courage and seduction, then there is little else that can’t be outsourced.

Use The Power Of People

Crowds are great and everyone knows their strength, but even individuals are powerful. A person putting their time energy into creating something, is a magical process that should not be underestimated. Below are videos that my brother and I outsourced for my dad’s 62nd birthday. What could be better than having a cadre of people all around the world, exert energy to sing the Happy Birthday song into their webcams for a man they will never meet?

May the power of outsourcing be instilled in you by the many renditions of “Happy 62nd Birthday Gary Matzner.”

UPDATE: 6/18/2012:

This article got picked up by Betabeat. In the article the author kind made it sound like it was to some random girl and called it “actually pretty creepy.” I guess I didn’t make it clear in the above post that I was already pretty far along in the “courting process” with the girl. It came about because I would tell the girl about all the other things I bought on fiverr for my business and showed her the random stuff. When I came across this video, I bought it and sent it to her as a joke. I did end up dating the girl for a while, so it obviously wasn’t creepy… (The BetaBeat article was updated to reflect this information)

UPDATE: 6/19/2012:

I’ve moved the outsourcing tips that appeared here to their own page: Tips On Outsourcing